Bioprocess Ltd. is a family-owned business established in 1999. The company factory is located in the town of Kostenets, at the foothills of Rila Mountain in Bulgaria. The region is famous for its forests, mineral springs, rich botanical diversity and ecologically clean environment. It offers phenomenal array of wild grown aromatic plants. In addition, Kostenets neighbours one of the main rose and lavender production areas in Bulgaria, around the town of Strelcha. There we have developed a reliable cooperation with a number of local farmers, supplying the company with raw material directly from their rose and lavender plantations during crop time.

At Bioprocess Ltd. we are responsibly dedicated to the needs and requirements of our customers and strive to ensure:

  • diverse range of organic and conventional natural aromatic products
  • regular availability
  • consistent material quality
  • stable competitive pricing.
It is our understanding that achieving true sustainability in production of naturals is possible only in combination with respect for the environment and social commitment to the growers and pickers, especially in areas where crops are vital for the well-being of the local community.

Please contact us every time you need samples, stock or information about any of our items. Let us have the opportunity to be of help to you in your business, research or simply in your wellness and pleasure. We assure you in our prompt and careful attention.