We believe that in the core of every successful business relationship lie high-quality products and services offered at competitive price levels. This is why we are particularly attentive to the quality at every point of the supply chain, from the farmland to the customer’s warehouse.

We know that quality products can be produced from quality raw materials only. Bioprocess Ltd. monitors and supports farmer activities by investing in certified planting material, innovative fertilizers and cultivation techniques. We also closely cooperate with a number of specially trained teams of wild plant pickers, who supply the company with large volumes of valuable aromatic plants for the production of wild organic items.

In our factory we have established stringent and complete control over the entire manufacturing process. In addition, we have been continuously investing in new technology and staff education. Over the years, this has proved to be the best approach for achieving quality results in manufacturing.

Another significant area of our activity is sampling and quality evaluation of the products. We constantly seek our customers’ opinion on new products and qualities by sending representative samples and analytical documentation. Quality evaluation and control is carried out through our own laboratory equipment and in cooperation with some government certifying institutions such as the State Laboratory Bulgarska Rosa and newly established National Laboratory Bul Rose.

At Bioprocess Ltd. we pay immense attention to suitable and convenient packaging of the goods and smooth logistics. We work together with the world’s best companies providing packaging and transportation as we are convinced that safe and in-time delivery contributes tremendously to the quality of the service.

Following our deliveries, we are always at the disposal of our partners with any further help and support, especially when they need additional information or documentation. Because we know that our customers’ satisfaction is the best quality award recognizing the excellence of our performance.