Terms & Conditions

By placing an order with us you indicate that you understand and accept our terms and conditions.


After placing your order you will receive by email an order confirmation, containing the reference number and price of your order. Please note that the order confirmation does not yet mean that your order has been accepted by Bioprocess Ltd. The order is accepted by us at the time of its shipment. Bioprocess Ltd. reserves the right to accept or decline any order.


The prices of our products are in Euro and EXCLUSIVE all taxes and shipping or insurance charges. In case of any unexpected change in price, you will be notified and asked if you wish to reconsider your order prior to shipping of the goods


All deliveries to induvidual customers in the European Union will be charged with VAT tax of 20%.

If you are a VAT registered customer in the EU, please let us know your name, address, contact information and VAT registration number. We will then email you our proforma invoice covering your order without the VAT tax. The payment must be effected by bank transfer not later then 7 days after the proforma invoice date. Failure to pay in due time will automatically cancel your order. On receipt of the full payment we will send you a copy of our commercial invoice for your accounting records.

Any order shipped outside the European Union is priced without VAT.

Please note that customs duties or any other local taxes may be due at the time of delivery in your country. All these additional charges have to be paid by you.

Shipping and insurance

The shipping charge depends on the weight, volume and final destination of your order. For shipping of orders up to 120 kg gross weight we use TNT Courier Service (www.tnt.com). For larger shipments we recommend you to contact us before placing your order. We will do our best to ensure the most price/time effective and secure transportation. Also we advise you always to combine more items in one order, which will result in a substantial reduction of shipping expenses on your part.

All orders are dispatched at the risk of the customer. We strongly recommend that you insure your orders especially those of high value, as our responsibility for the goods ends at the moment the courier takes possession of your order.

If you want us to insure your order for you, please email your request before effecting the payment. We will send you back our proforma invoice, including insurance. The insurance charge we offer is 1% of the order value, but not less than 10 Euro per order. As mentioned above, our proforma invoices must be paid within 7 days from the date of issue or your order will be automatically cancelled.

Delevery time

Please note that the delivery time shown on our order confirmation is only indicative. Bioprocess Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any delay due to force majeure, carrier’s fault or any other circumstances beyond our control.  


We accept payments by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover), via Paypal or bank transfer.

Product liability

The stability and nature of our products could be changed due to unsuitable storage conditions or when combined with other ingredients. Bioprocess Ltd. cannot accept any liability in this respect as we do not control these activities of our customers.

Returns and Refunds

Any complaint on the quantity, quality or packing will not be accepted if it comes to us more then 14 days after the receipt of the goods. Returns must be authorized by Bioprocess Ltd. and upon such authorization they are also subject to our inspection prior to acceptance. Return freight is responsibility of the customer unless there has been a fault on our part. In this case we will refund your shipping costs. Our liability will be limited to the exchange of defective goods, excluding any other costs or benefits.


Bioprocess Ltd. disclaims any warranty expressed or implied as well as any liability for any injury or loss arising from the use of the information in this website or materials and services described. It is the responsibility of the recipient to determine in advance the best safe conditions and precautions for handling and use of the products and their application.